Frequently Asked Questions…

Q. Do I have to take my car to the insurance companies’ “preferred shop” for repairs?
A.  NO! You have the legal right to choose the repair shop. In some cases they will instruct you to obtain an estimate from their “preferred shop”. This is fine. We work from that estimate. Any missed, omitted, or left out operations will be handled by us with the insurance company. Our obligation is to YOU and your repair, not to the insurance company.

Q. If Hood’s Etc. is a quality shop, why aren’t they on the “preferred shop” list?
A. Our reputation over the years has provided us with a successful customer referral based business. We do not rely on giving insurance companies special deals in order for them to send work to our facility.

Q. Will I have to pay anything above my deductible?
A. NEVER. Any additional items related to the claim will be handled directly with the insurance company.

Q. My insurance company says they won’t warranty repairs for shops not on the “preferred list”.  How am I protected?
A. Hood’s Etc. offers a lifetime warranty on all workmanship. Because of our high standards, the likelyhood of a warranty repair is extremely remote.

Q. How long will repairs take?
A. Many factors affect repair time. Because of Hood’s Etc. size, and our efficiency,  it  is normal for repairs to be completed ahead of industry standards.

Q. Will the color match?
A. Absolutely. We take pride in our color matching. Perfect color match is vital to our reputation. See our paint page for more info.

Q. Why should I choose Hood’s Etc?
A. Quality. Timeliness. Accuracy. Professionalism, Cleanliness, Lifetime warranty. Referral based business since 1989. Non-commision technicians.