Pointers to Maintain Auto Paint and Body

Tucson Auto Paint and Body tips to keep your finish in like-new condition:

  • Park in a garage or under a roof whenever possible. The Tucson sun is brutal on your car’s paint and fiberglass body parts.
  • Avoid parking under trees, sap and bird droppings may damage auto paint. Remove these substances as soon as possible by rinsing with water (use a mild soap if necessary).
  • Wash the car frequently, preferably by hand. During the first 30 days, when the auto paint is especially fresh, clean the car with water rinse only. In fact, water alone will usually thoroughly clean your new DuPont car paint finish. For heavy soil, use a mild liquid soap (not detergent).
  • Do not wash your car in the hot Tucson sun, find a shaded area or wait until the evening.
  • Do not wipe your car with a dry cloth. Always use water.
  • Avoid automatic car washes where brushes are used. The stiff brushes can scratch the finish.
  • Do not allow gasoline or anti-freeze to stand on the surface. Remove by rinsing with water.
  • Do not wax your car’s paint for the first 90 days after painting.
  • Have any auto paint nicks or bruises touched up as soon as they occur, to protect against stains.
  • Do not remove ice or snow from the painted surface with a scraper of any sort. The Tucson heat will melt it just fine.